About us

Capturing the life and love that is at the center of your wedding.

We create cinematic wedding stories with a symphony of stunning visuals, captivating sound and creative editing. Life truly is precious and full of beauty and we are passionate about capturing the life and love that is at the center of your wedding.

With over 15 years in the wedding industry, we can be one step ahead at all times. We appreciate how important and significant your big day is and we put our whole hearts into capturing your unique love story.


Kevin and his wife, Paula (Paula Adams Photography) have been photographing weddings for over 15 years. After receiving numerous requests for a video option, Kevin decided to jump in the deep end and began creating films as an add on.

Steering very far from the old idea of a wedding video, Kevin brought passion and emotion into the visuals and audio captured on the day. Now, with over 150 films behind us, as well as evolving into its own brand, we are more excited than ever about the films we offer couples.

Through creative editing, meticulously selected audio and sound – not to mention the beautiful cinematic visuals, our films captivate and inspire.